Morph Adorner Toolkit

Morph Adorner made simple.

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The Morph Adorner Toolkit is a Java tool designed for those who wish to use Morph Adorner's functionalities without hassle. The toolkit can be used for many tasks, such as Machine Translation, Translation Quality Estimation, Text Simplification and many others. It is composed of 6 JAR files, which perform the following tasks:


Since Morph Adorner Toolkit is a pre-compiled Java project, it requires no installation. Simply make sure you have Java >1.8 installed in your machine, download the project and place it in a folder of your choice.


Each tool in the Morph Adorner Toolkit must be ran separately. To run a tool, navigate to the folder where the tool was placed (Ex: /myfolder/MorphAdornerTookit/NounInflector/) and run the following command line:

java -jar <tool>.jar -h

A message will appear in the screen explaining what is the input and output format produced by the tool.


If you have any problems or questions about the toolkit, simply report it in the issues section of the project's Github page.